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Bursa; was the capital city of Ottoman empire. Today; Bursa is one of the most popular tourst destinations in Turkey. If you think to visit Turkey, you should put Bursa to your Top Travel list that you have an occasion to visit the Greenest city of Bursa in Turkey and have the knowledge about the Ottoman craft and history in your vacation. Bursa is in the list of MUST DO in Turkey.

Bursa City (Green City of Bursa), Being one of the four main largest cities in Turkey, Bursa is located in the southeast of Marmara Sea, the northwest of famous Uludag’s piedmonts (mountain foot). It is surrogated by Marmara Sea and Yalova in the north, Kocaeli and Sakarya in the northeast, Bilecik in the east, Kütahya and Balıkesir in the south. Because it was appropriate for the defence against any attacks, Bursa has hosted many various civilizations within the cultural unity today from past.Book a comprehensive Bursa city tour with the traveling experts at Tour Maker Turkey. We provide travelers from all over the world effective solutions for exploring the beauty of Bursa. Find out about our extensive range of Bursa city tours here.

History of Bursa; The history of Bursa Province was based on B.C between 5000-3500 years, the Chalcolithic Period. It has received many different communities such as Phoenicians, Lydians, Romans and Ottomans. According to ancient sources, the city was found by Emperor Prusias I of Bithynia. He gave that glorious city his name ‘’Prusa (todays Bursa in Turkish)’’. Today, as a result of archaeological excavations, it was turned out the women marble sculpture and ostotek. When it is look at the Byzantine (Rome) Era, it is especially seen that the period of Byzantine Emperor Justinianus (527-565), new fascinating public baths named Cekirge Baths were built. Also the relics of many mosaics, chapels and monasteries were made within that time. Those empires contributed it with their cultural and artistic values but after the Ottoman time that magnificent city was more advanced and its importance increased.

Ottoman; After the conquest by Ottoman Empire Orhan Gazi in 6 April 1326, it was a capital until 1365. Then, it continued as a symbolically capital with its funeral ceremonies of Sultans and the other significant celebrations.

Except for those features, the name of Prusa was changed as Bursa in that time. Also called as Green and Paradise Bursa thanks to its deep greenery, the dreamy city opened its doors to the heaven within that time; many kinds of social complexes, mosques, Turkish baths, hospices, hospitals (darussifa in Ottoman Turkish), madrasahs, caravansaries, inns, mausoleums and palaces were established here. Moreover, the gardens, picnic areas were furnished with fascinating flowers in order to reflect the glory and natural wealth of Bursa within that time.

Therefore, both with its natural beauty and unique architectures, Bursa has enchanted the people since ancient periods. Even though it lost the importance by the time of progress, Bursa was revived with the contribution of the Republic of Turkey.

Climetes; Bursa generally has mild and rainy climate but its climate type varies from region to region. In the southern side, Uludag, it has rainy and cold while places in the northern have mild weather condition.

Dirstircts; Bursa consists of many districts such as Nilufer, Yıldırım, Osman Gazi, Büyük Orhan, Gemlik, Gürsu, Harmancık, Inegöl, Iznik, Karacabey, Mudanya, Kestel, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Orhangazi, Orhaneli, Karacabey and Yenisehir.

Mosques and Social Comlexs; Yıldırım Mosque and Tomb, Yesil (Green) Mosque and Mausoleum, Emir Sultan Mosque and Tomb, Muradiye Social Complex, Hudavendigar Mosque and Social Complex are very important structure in Bursa.

Churches and Synagouges; Gerus Synagogues, Ets Ahayim and Mayor Synagogues which is well known, are located here.

Natural Park and Thermal (Springs Hot Waters); Famous Uludag National Park, Cekirge (Vakıfbahce) Hot Springs, Bademli Bahce Hot Springs, Dumbuldek, Gemlik and Armutlu Thermal Springs are also situated here.

Natural Beachs; Bursa includes many natural Beaches like Kursunlu, Bayramdere, Mesudiye, Egerce and Esence. Except for them, it includes picnic areas which is used both native populations and the tourists.

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